Flex Wrap

"Flex-wrap" is like deciding if a bunch of boxes should stay on one shelf or if they can spill over onto the next shelf if needed.

Dropdown options:

  • nowrap (default)

  • wrap

  • wrap-reverse

Sets whether items are forced into one line or can wrap onto multiple lines. If wrapping is allowed it sets the direction that the lines are stacked.

  • ‘Nowrap’ is the default, this means that the items must fit onto one line no matter what, even if they get squished.

  • If you allow wrapping it tells the system that if there is not enough space on one line, then its okay to move into the next line to keep everything organised and not squished.

  • The other options, ‘wrap’ (forward) and ‘wrap-reverse’ (back) tells the system which direction to organize the items.

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