Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders (PO) instruct Suppliers to fulfill Items to you or your Customer (drop ship) POs track the quantity of Items received and Billed.

Create Purchase Orders from:

  • Suppliers - Suppliers>Supplier>Action>New Purchase Order
  • Purchase (Vendor) Quotes - Purchase Quotes>Purchase Quote>Action>New Purchase Order
  • Sales Orders (for Drop Ship) - Sales Orders>Sales Order>Actions>Drop Shipmen
  • Sales Orders (for Special Order) - Sales Orders>Sales Order>Actions>Special Order
  • Purchase Order Generator by Order See 'Purchase Order generator by Order'.
  • Purchase Order Generator by Item See 'Purchase Order generator by Item'.

Unit Cost derivation

When an Item is added to the Purchase Order the source of the unit cost can be configured to be derived from either:
  • Unit cost (from Item):The unit cost field on the purchasing tab of the Item master.
  • Unit cost (from preferred supplier):The unit cost column on the default preferred Supplier (also on the Purchasing tab of the Item master)
This setting can be found on:
Purchase Order>Configuration>Purchase Order generator>Inherit cost from
Purchase Order>Configuration>Purchase Order generator>Inherit cost from

Tracking Columns

Quantity Picked

This column tracks the quantity received in the WMS Goods In workflow.

Quantity Received

This column tracks the quantity received when one or more Item Receipts are used.

Quantity Billed

This column tracks the quantity on Bills (Purchase Invoices) associated with the original Purchase Order.

Transactions from a Purchase Order

Item Receipts

These record the receipt of Item values onto the Balance Sheet.
If you are using the Warehouse management system (WMS), you can configure the Goods In workflow to auto create Item receipts from a Purchase Order when you receive Stock. See Goods In
You can configure Item Receipts to behave in two ways.
Action>Create Item Receipt


These record supplier Purchase Invoices (Bills).
Action>Create Bill

Cash Purchases

These record cash transactions with suppliers.
Action>Create Cash Purchase

Debit Note (Supplier Credit Note)

These record credit balances given by a supplier.
Action>Create Credit Note