Memorized Transactions

You might wish to set up Memorized Transactions if your business has recurring journal entries.

Create a new Memorized Transaction

Create a General Journal entry as usual (General Journal Entries > +)
Click on the Memorize icon on the Action Bar
Fill in the parameters (for more detail on the fields see the section below)
Click Save
The status of the Journal will change to 'Memorized' and on the Journal Entry list, the status column will be populated with 'Memorized'

Find Memorized Transactions

To find Memorized Transactions in the system go to Find Transactions under Accounting on The Explorer. Set the 'Status' drop down to 'Memorized' and click Search.

Memorize Transaction Fields

Using the drop-down, you can set this transaction to:
  • Create Automatically
    • The transaction will be created again without prompt
  • Remind Me
    • You will be reminded to generate this transaction again
  • Inactive
    • The transaction will cease when this action is set
Using the drop-down, you can set this transaction to be created daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually
Next Date
Set the date for when you would like the next transaction to be generated
Number Remaining
Enter a number here of how many transactions are let to be made
Remember its Prices and Costs
Check this box if you would like the prices and costs to be retained by this record
Send Mail
Check this box and insert an email address to send a mail (as a reminder) rather than actually creating the transaction
Remember Transactions in Group
Set up in Setup > Configuration-> Miscellaneous > Memorized Transaction. Allows you to define the MT option in one place (the group) and simply assign this group rather than having to set the parameters each time