Ref # ⛭

Ref # (reference numbers) are unique IDs assigned to a trading partner or document. You can set these to increment sequentially as documents are created.

Need to know

Ref #s are unique identifiers used on all Documents, and these 'trading partner' masters; Customers, Suppliers, and Workers.
You should decide your numbering / identifier policy before setting up your system.
Once you set and save a Ref # on a trading partner or document it cannot be changed.

Configure Ref #s

'Configure' action on trading partners and Documents, i.e. Sales Order>Configure OR Setup>Configuration>Sales>Sales Order.
The 'Configure' action is only visible and accessible to your Master Administrator.

Auto generation of Ref #s

Reference numbers can be set to auto-generate and increment from a fixed starting point. You can prefix reference numbers for meaningful distinction and recognition.
Auto-generation increments a sequence number each time a new trading partner or document is saved.
When you import a trading partner or customer and you leave the Ref # column on the import sheet blank, the system will automatically generate a Ref # for the imported record.

Auto generation settings

Use Auto-generated Ref #
The default setting is checked. If you uncheck, the system assumes you'll enter the Ref # manually.
Ref # Prefix
Specify a prefix, e.g. CU for Customer
Current Sequence Number
On initial setup, where you want your Ref # sequence to start.
After setup, the current number in the sequence.

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