Read First: ASIC and presets

What you should know about the priority order of importing data and settings you must do before you can try any workflows in your system.

ASICS data?

You cannot get up and running without ASICS.

ASICS is an acronym for the following types of data:

  • Accounting

  • Suppliers

  • Items

  • Customers

  • Stock levels

Make sense?

You need this cornerstone data in your system to run any type of workflow.

Accounting data for evaluation?


If you are using multiple currencies, read this - Currencies.

Chart of Accounts

You can use the preset Chart of Accounts. You'll find these here:

Accounting>Chart of Accounts

To manually add more accounts see: Add new account.

To import new accounts see Chart of Accounts Setup Video.

Bank Account

You'll need a Bank Account to model and try incoming and outgoing payments. See Banking.

Payment Terms

See Payment Terms.

Tax Codes and Groups

See Tax Codes and Groups.


Import your Suppliers. See Suppliers.

If you want to enhance your Supplier reporting, see Classifications.


Import your Items. See Items.


Import your Customers. See Customers.

If you want to enhance your Customer reporting, see Classifications.

Adding Stock levels


The Worker's list contains a list of people who interact with your system. They either have access to the main Salesorder application or the TAP. In the latter case, they are independent Sales representatives.

The import templates have a Workers column. Before you import data into the Salesorder system you should set up your Workers, either manually, or via the Workers import template.

See Workers.

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