Payment Processors

'Payment processors' describes Gateways and Processors.

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Payment solution provider's systems are connected to using Plugin technology.

Events in the connection, such as error and success messages are recorded in the Payment processor log.

We connect with these:

Payment Processors

Payment processors primarily settle the transactions, moving money from the issuing bank (the customer’s account) to the merchant bank, which ultimately transmits funds to the business’s bank account when the transaction is finalized.


Basys [preferred]

ACH and Cards, lowest fees, and outstanding customer service. USA only.


Cards. Owned by VISA.


Cards and ACH. Changed ownership twice in four years. Poor customer service. Formerly known as Paragon.

Payment gateways

A payment gateway is a technology that encrypts credit card information and sends it to the credit card processor.

Because they are intermediaries, payment gateways typically have higher fees than gateways.

VendorHighlights (IPN)

Cards. Owned by VISA.



Paypal (IPN)


Payment processor log

You can access the Processor Log.

  • From the list of Payment Processors on the Explorer (Setup > Payment Processors)

  • From a specific Payment Processor e.g.

  • From the actual Customer Payment or Cash Sale Document (click on 'Show Processor Log' in the 'Actions' drop-down menu).

IPN - a popup window

Some Payment solutions present a popup form to capture the Credit Card Details.

This form is actually hosted by the Payment Processor company (e.g. When the payment is completed your system automatically receives a notification from the Payment Processor about whether the payment has been successful or not.

If the payment has been processed successfully the status on the originating Document (e.g. Cash Sale or Customer Payment) will be updated accordingly.

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