Pick List ⛭

Configure the Pick List

Setup>Configuration>Sales>Pick List

Currently, you only have an option to print Pick List by Order from the WMS Goods Out or Shipping tabs.

You can configure Pick List by Order and Pick List by Item templates.

Item GroupingNotes

Do not group lines with same item code

Default is unchecked.

Optional ColumnsNotes


Print Pick Location

Unit of Measure

Print UOM


Manual Pick check box.

Optional LinesNotes

Comment Lines

Allow addition of comment lines

Assembly BOMNotes

Expand Assembly BOM

Print the components

Make BOM Items distinct

If you have multiple BOMS it will print the detail of eack SKUs BOM.

Kit BOMNotes

Expand Kit BOM

Print the components

Custom Print StyleNotes

Use Custom Print Style

You can create a script to print data stored on the Shipment in any structure or format. Contact support@salesorder.com

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