EasyPost ⛭

EasyPost automates the selection, review, and purchase of small parcel shipping.

Easypost only works with your system if the WMS is installed.

EasyPost is integrated with the WMS and provides a single pathway to the systems of multiple carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.

The integration lets you:

  • Select the best carrier based on the destination, package size, weight, type, and preferred service options.

  • Review and compare shipping costs before purchase.

  • Book and purchase shipping using your customer’s account.

  • Print Shipping Labels

  • Automatically capture shipping information, i.e. tracking number(s) and cost.

Basic Setup

Signing up here with EasyPost is free. After signup, go to ‘API Keys’ and record the following:

  • Production API Key

  • Test API Key

In the Salesorder app go to SETUP>Plugins>Plugin Store.

Locate, register, and install the EasyPost plugin.

Go to EasyPost plugin configuration to test or go live with the integration.

Setup Shipping Carriers

You'll need to setup records for the commensurate list of carriers and their available shipping methods. These values are passed via the integration to the carrier's systems when you request rates.

You set up your Shipping Carrier(s) in Configuration>Shipping Carriers.

Add the name of the carrier, plus the shipping methods separated by a semi colon (;), e.g. Express;Next Day;Overnight.


Prior to going live, it’s best practice to try out the EasyPost integration. To test your system is working, use these settings.

EasyPost Plugin>Configuration

The test integration uses a dummy USPS account.

See this video to see how to test your integration.

Go Live

Any shipments you process will be charged to your respective carrier account.

To go live use these settings.

EasyPost Plugin>Configuration

Add/Use Customer Account(s)

Installing the EasyPost integration adds another action ‘EasyPost’ to the action bar on the Customer Master.

Customer>EasyPost>Shipping Carrier Account>Add

Add Carrier Name and Carrier Account ID, then click 'Create Carrier Account'.

You can edit or delete your entry.

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