Accounting Periods


Reports > Standard/Memorized/Custom Reports

Users can select a date range for Accounting Reports:

  • As of end of this Accounting Period

  • As of end of last Accounting Period

  • This Accounting Period

  • This Accounting Period-to-date

  • Last Accounting Period

  • Last Accounting Period-to-date

  • A Custom Accounting Period is also available

If the user selects one of these options, the system will automatically use the start and end dates for the current/previous Accounting Period. If the required Accounting Periods don't exist, the system will use the current date.

Users can display an extra column “Period”, which displays the Accounting Period for each ledger/transaction according to the transaction date.

To display a summary report by Accounting Period, the users can use the new “Accounting Period” option in the “Display by” field underneath the Columns tab on the report. Reports will get a column for each Accounting Period included in the date range of the report.

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