Overship Tolerance

Please note, this functionality is only available for users who have the WMS installed.

The Overship Tolerance functionality allows the quantity on the Shipment to be increased up to a specified percentage above the ordered quantity.

To configure your system to allow Overship Tolerances, go to the WMS (Products and Services > Sites > WMS). Go to the 'Admin' Tab and select 'Edit' next to the user. Then ensure that 'Allow quantity editing on goods out' is checked. Click save.

Then, go to the 'Config' Tab and select 'Show Config' next to 'Pack Orders'. From here, set the Overship Tolerance %.

Now, from 'Goods Out' click on a Sales Order from the Orders list. This will show in the window directly below. Click on the Quantity and enter a new value in the pop up (below).

When you save, this will update the quantity on the WMS, the Sales Order and the Shipment.

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