Attachments and Linking

Attach or link files to any Trading Partner or Document.

Using Attachments and Linking

You can attach or link files to any Supplier, Customer, or Document in the system.

For example, a copy of the Customer Purchase Order PDF, Product information, or an Excel sheet can be uploaded, or linked to. In the latter case, you can set a link (URL, hyperlink, web address) to an external folder or file such as Dropbox.

Every Document has an action on the header bar and to the right of the Document name. Look for the paperclip icon.

When you click the icon, five new icons will appear. Each icon is an action. There are five methods.

Attach file

Upload a file

Link to SO! Doc

Link to another Salesorder Document

Link to Web

Enter a URL

Attach Google Doc

Upload a Google Document, Document, Sheet, Slide or any file type stored on the Google Drive

Link Google Doc

Just a link to a Google Drive file.

For Google files, you’ll need to give the system access to your Google account. You’ll be prompted with instructions from your Google Account to allow access. If you encounter any permission issues, contact Because of Privacy and Security requirements, Google has a history of changing the behavior of its access mechanisms.

When you perform any of the above actions, the system will add a shortcut to the file you’ve linked or attached. This will be accessible by all users providing they have access to this Document type.

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