Step 5: Launch Sequence

Your complete, step-by-step guide to launching your system and going Live.

Before beginning your Launch Sequence you MUST complete steps 1 to 4 of LIve in 5.

Launch sequence

Follow these stages in strict order.


System Settings.


Baseline preparation.


'Open' Transactions.


Trial balance.


Set Stock levels.


User testing, Dry run



Preparation for User testing in Launch T -1

When you work through this entire workbook you should keep a list of last-minute things to check before you go live. These can be divided into three categories:


What needs doing, and who is doing it, when are they going to do it, do they understand the task? This includes any third-party suppliers, such as your 3PL, Shipping vendors, CPA, etc.

You should also have engaged your customers, for example, you may want them to use the TAP. See the TAP end user guide. If your customers are sending you orders via EDI, make sure they are ready to roll.

If you have many users, set up a Help desk, or central point of contact. Log the requests, make sure everyone knows the process, and ALL requests get answered and concluded.


No doubt some of the processes everyone is used to have changed. For example, your workflows. Make sure these are documented, or you've created videos. Use the Loom tool, it's really easy. Keep an online library of videos, showing the workflow. It's really easy and will save you hours of training newbies.


Make a checklist of settings that need to be 'turned on' just prior to live, for example, payments, EDI, etc.

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