Connect and use your email to send, receive, and track Sales and Purchasing emails by Customer or Supplier.

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Email - need to know

You can connect Salesorder to your business email accounts so that users can send, receive and track emails with attachments from within Salesorder.

The connectivity between your email provider, i.e. Microsoft Outlook, Google Mail, etc, uses IMAP and SMTP protocols.

See Email Accounts ⛭ to connect your business email addresses.

Mailboxes are filtered by Customer or Supplier

From a Customer or a Supplier (trading partner) record in Salesorder Users can access mailboxes to view, track and participate in email conversations specific to that trading partner contact. To participate, users can send and receive emails from the respective mailbox.

Based upon the Contact email address(es) stored on that Trading partner, Salesorder will present a view filtered by Contact (and therefore Customer) of the respective mailbox. For example all mail between and

Because the connection feature uses IMAP all history of email dialogues is preserved on your business email servers.

Email Documents from Documents

Every Document in your system has an 'Email' Action enabling Users to email the respective Document as a PDF attachment. Email sent from a Document shows up in the ‘Sent’ folder for the respective mailbox.

From the email window on any Document, you can switch the ‘Sender’ address to another email account (providing it's connected and the User has access). You can also switch email templates.

Email Templates

Go to Setup>Email Templates

Templates increase productivity and help maintain standards of communication. You can create and assign templates for a specific use case on a specific Document. For example ‘Invoice Overdue’ email on Sales Invoice.

See Email Templates.

View the entire Mailbox

Go to Organizer>Email

You can select and view the entire contents of a specific mailbox from the Explorer.

Search Mailbox

From the Trading partner master (Customer or Supplier) or from the global view of a mailbox you can search for emails.

Bookmark Email (★)


Payment reminder

You can bookmark emails on the Explorer so that they are visible and accessible.

Map mailbox Folders

You can map your favorite folders from your existing mailboxes into the mailbox view in your system.

Fallback email

In the event of your email system being compromised or being unavailable your system includes a fallback system to enable you to send email from your system via our partner Sendgrid.


See 'Mail Accounts'.

Want to learn more? Watch a video tutorial or perform a demo:

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