What is a Block?

In web design, a Blocks is a unit of content or functionality that can be added, arranged and customized within the webpage. Imagine a ‘Blocks’ as a building Blocks, it's like a small LEGO piece, they can be added together to create something bigger and more beautiful!

Every website is composed of various Blocks, which can be assembled to create a page or website. Blocks are designed to be easily added, removed and rearranged. Each Blocks serves a specific purpose such as displaying text or images, being a navigational menu or allowing users to login.


Many Blocks come with customization options that allow users to adjust colors, fonts, sizes and behavior. Some Blocks can be reused across multiple pages and sections helping to maintain consistency in design and layout.

Blocks on the TAP

On the TAP, these Blocks come pre-built and pre-coded. While some Blocks may be used only once, others will become staples in your design.

Here are a few essential Blocks to familiarize yourself with:

For those with coding experience, there's also the option to utilize the Custom HTML Blocks for more advanced customization, however, as you will learn, there are extensive customization options available with pre-built Blocks.

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