Sales Orders
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Track SKU journey

The Sales Order tracks the journey of SKUs from order capture to invoiced or sold for cash. Sales Orders give you immediate visibility of the quantity and types of line items:
  • Ordered
  • Allocated
  • In Shipping (Pick, Pack, Ship)
  • Shipped
  • Invoiced
The Transactions Tab on the Sales Order tracks ALL subsequent transaction types:
  • Shipments
  • Invoices
  • RMAs
  • Back Orders (Purchase Orders)
  • Drop Ship Orders (Purchase Orders)
  • Special Orders (Purchase Orders).
Also, see:

Line Item Allocation Status Indicators

Line Item Drop Ship and Special Order Status Indicators


Customer name
Customer #
Customer Ref#
The user creating or owning this document.
See 'Owners'.
Users need the relevant permission to change the value of this field: Values are: Approved, Not Approved, Submitted, Rejected.
See ‘Approvals
Customer Ref
A unique reference originating from the Customer i.e. Purchase Order #
The main or a selected Contact. In Edit mode you can select from the associated List of Contacts.
The phone number associated with the above Contact.
The email address associated with the above contact, and where this document will be emailed from a List or the Document itself.
Allocation Status
Not Allocated, Partially Allocated, Fully Allocated. See Stock Allocation’.
Back Order
See ‘Sales Order List’ (Back Orders)
Any date, default is the creation date.
Ref #
The unique identifier for this Document
The ‘accounting’ status of this Document, specifically:
Pending: awaiting approval. Typically set on a
Sales Order captured from an online channel.
Open: not Invoiced
Fulfilled: Invoiced for the full amount.
OverFulfilled: Invoiced for more than the original balance.
Authorized by:
Commensurate with who approved this Order.
Our Ref
Inherited from a Sales Opportunity
A reference to the Jobs List
Cash Flow Due Date
Optional. Enter a date in this field to forecast when payment will be recieved. The balance of this Document will show up on the Cash flow Forecast.
Price List
The Price List applied to this Document. SeeAdvanced Price Lists
Shipping Priority
Inherited by the Shipment. Manually set. Values are Normal, Medium, High, Urgent.
Hold Shipment
When checked sets the Shipping Priority at the time of Shipment creation of the Shipment to Hold.


Show WMS Stock

Show the Stock in the respective WMS Site allocated and picked to this Order. This action displays a view onto the Stock Instance.

Check Stock (only displayed in Edit mode)

Check the availability of all stock on this Sales Order. Alternatively, click on the Item code link to get a more detailed view of the stock i.e. Free vs On Hand.


See, ‘Memorized Transactions’

Edit Allocation (only displayed in Edit mode)

Displays allocation options

Preferred Suppliers

The purpose of this control is to enable the editing of the user’s supplier preference.
The system displays a modal (pop up) box in which the user can change the supplier from the default supplier to a new supplier. The new supplier has to be present on the preferred supplier table.
The preferred supplier details are used to create the Drop Ship or Special Order. This control can also be used to direct the Purchase Order generators to select an alternative to the default Supplier.