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Sales Invoices can be created from the Customer Master.

Customer>Actions>New Sales Invoice

Or from the following Documents.

  • Sales Quote

  • Sales Order

You can select all or some of the line items to be invoiced from the above and then:

Document>Actions>New Sales Invoice

How to Create a Sales Invoice

There are a multitude of ways to create Sales Invoices in the app.

  1. You can raise Sales Invoices from documents: To create a Sales Invoice from a Sales Order, select the items you want to invoice from the line item table, go to actions and select 'Create Sales Invoice'. The Sales Invoice will inherit data from the Sales Order. The process is the same for Sales Quotes.

  2. You can also raise an arbitrary Sales Invoice: Go to 'Sales Invoices' on the Explorer under the Sales folder. Either click the plus sign from the Explorer or click on 'Sales Invoices' to display the list. From here, click the plus icon at the top of the page. You will be prompted to select a customer from your system.

Once created, use the line item table to add items to the Sales Invoice.

Bulk Sales Invoice Creation

From the Sales Order list you can bulk create Sales Invoices. To do this:

  • Go to the Sales Order list

  • List 'Orders Partially/Fully Shipped Not Invoiced'

  • Click the check box to select orders from the list and click ‘Create Invoices.’

  • This will take you to the Sales Invoices list. Now you can see all invoices that the automation has created

Emailing Sales Invoices

You can email Sales Invoices directly from the document or the Sales Invoice List.

To email the Sales Invoice from the document, go to the 'Email' drop-down on the action bar. From here, you can send a blank message or you can choose an email template from the list.

From the List, you can email invoices in bulk. Use the check boxes to select which Invoices you want to email, then select 'Email Invoices' from the action bar. Choose an email template from the drop-down and then click send.

Printing Sales Invoices

You can print Sales Invoices from the document itself or the List.

Select 'Print' from the action bar to print from the document.

From the List, you can print invoices in bulk. Use the checkboxes to select which Invoices you want to print, select 'Print Invoices' from the action bar, download the PDF file(s), and print.


If 'Invoice non-allocated lines' is enabled in Setup > Configuration > Sales Order, users may create a Sales Order for a Sales Order with items that have not yet been allocated. The order status will remain as 'Open' until all items are allocated and shipped, at which point, the status will change to 'Fulfilled'.

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