Exporting Data

Salesorder.com allows you to export all your data into a set of TXT files. These files are grouped together and downloaded as a single .ZIP file in order to reduce data size.

There are a number of reasons that you may want to download your data:

  • You want to export the data into Microsoft Excel so that it can be analyzed and manipulated

  • You want to take a backup of your data

  • You want to upload your data into another system

Whichever reason is applicable to you the same basic mechanism is used to export the data:

To Export Data

From the Explorer go to Setup > Export Data. This displays the Export Data page.

By default the Export Data Page downloads all data, however, you can selectively download data by clicking on the appropriate checkboxes. When you have decided which data you wish to download simply click on the 'Export data' button.

Important: Depending on the amount of data in your system, exporting data may several minutes or even longer.

When the data files have been produced they will be emailed to the email address specified and you will receive a confirmation message to this effect:

Once you have received the email you can download the ZIP files and then open them from the file list. The files will contain a set of TXT files as specified in the initial Export Data selection. You can then extract these files and import them into Microsoft Excel as required.

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