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Common actions

A common set of actions are present on most Salesorder Documents.

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Need to know

Prospects are qualified Leads.

You can create the following records from a Prospect.

  • Contacts

  • Sales Quote

  • Sales Opportunity


Prospect name

The unique name of the Prospect's company

Ref #

A reference number auto-assigned.


Drop down field where the worker can be selected.

  • The owner of a prospect is usually the Worker who created the Prospect.

  • The ownership can be re-assigned at any time.

  • The drop down Owner field is a list of Workers that have login permission.


This field cannot be edited.


Once set, the currency cannot be changed and the transactions will only be in the selected currency.

Credit Limit

Enter a Credit Limit for your Prospect to indicate the maximum amount of credit that you will extend to that client.


The Prospect Status reflects the various stages a Prospect can be in depending on the process. Default values include:

  • Open - Usually when it is a new prospect.

  • Pre-Qualification - Prior to the prospect going through qualification processes.

  • Being Qualified - In the process of initial discovery.

  • Qualified - Passed through qualification processes and approved.

  • Convert to Customer - Converting the prospect to a customer.

  • Converted - Process is finished.

  • Dormant - No activity.

  • Discard - Disqualified or withdrawn.

These fields can be customized to suit your requirements.


Rating gives an indication how close the prospect is to conversion. Default rating values:

  • None

  • New

  • Cold

  • Warm

  • Hot

  • Dead

These fields can be customized to suit your requirements.

Rating Score

A numerical score related to the Rating to formalize categorization of leads.

Three-digit value, where for example 10 = cold, 50 = warm & 100 = hot (very interested).


The date the Prospect was received.


From where the Lead originated.

For example, Word of mouth, Conference, Newspaper, etc.

It is a Text field, simply type in the source.


Identifies the marketing campaign associated with this Prospect. For example ‘Black Friday’.

It is a Text field, simply type in the campaign name.

Prospects are potential Customers. You can attach Contacts, Quotes, Estimates, etc. to a prospect. To invoice a Prospect, you first must convert the Prospect to a Customer.

How to create a new Prospect

  1. To create a new Prospect from the Explorer click Sales>Prospects and click 'Create New'

  2. Or from an existing lead:

    1. From Leads, select the lead that must be converted.

    2. Click the dropdown ‘Actions’.

    3. Select 'Create Prospect’.

Prospect Key Facts

  • The Prospect name must be entered, but it does not have to be unique.

  • The Ref # is a unique identifier/number associated with the Prospect.

  • Once set, the Currency cannot be changed and transactions will only be in the selected currency.

  • If the Prospect is VAT registered and a member of the EU:

    • Check the tickbox ‘Prospect is Vat Registered’ on the Profile tab.

    • Add the VAT no. in the new field.

    • Check the tickbox ‘Is from other EC member state’.

    • This ensures VAT returns are calculated correctly.

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