Expiry Date

This functionality is only available for users with the WMS.

It allows users to specify an expiry date on stock. The system will indicate which stock should be picked first referencing the earliest expiry date.

Main app

Stock Manager

Products/Services > Stock Manager

Users can add 'Expiry Date' as an Extra Column or use it as a filter via Advanced Search.


Reports > Custom Reports

Users can run a Report on Item Expiry Dates.


Sites > WMS

Stock View tab

View the Expiry Date in the Stock Detail pane.

Goods Out tab

View the Expiry Date in the Pickable Stock pane.

Stock Actions tab

View Expiry Date from the Current Stock pane. When adding stock, users can set the Expiry Date via the dialogue box.


Sites > View Location > Scanner

Goods In

Users can enter the Expiry Date when goods are received.


Users can enter the Expiry date when stock is moved.

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