⚠ Live Shopping Carts

Connecting an existing 'live' shopping cart to your Salesorder system requires careful attention and preparation.

When you first connect a shopping cart to your Salesorder system you must NOT 'Start' auto-synchronization 'Auto Sync' until you have thoroughly tested the respective cart connection.

Cart Cut off time and date

You're changing where your orders are processed. Regardless of where and how you were previously fulfilling Sales Orders, you're now going to be doing fulfillment in your Salesorder system.

Your shopping cart doesn't need to be 'shut down' during the transition from your old system to Salesorder. It can continue to capture online orders.

In the Evaluation to Launch workbook, Launch T4 we guide you through importing 'open' non-posting transactions. This list of open transactions should contain all of the orders received in your cart up to the Cut off date and time.

Before the Cart cut off time and date

You need to download all orders from your cart into your old 'fulfillment' system so that they become part of the migrated 'open' non-posting orders data set before you perform Launch T4.

After the Cart cut off time and date

All new orders arriving in your cart after the Cut off date will stay in the cart until it's connected to your Salesorder system and the Auto sync is 'started' or a manual import of 'new' orders is executed. This step should be done after you go live - Launch.

Cart Testing to Cart Integration Live


When you first connect your cart, your Salesorder system will not automatically import Sales Orders from your cart if auto synchronization (Auto Sync) is set to 'Stopped' (the default status).

How to put your cart Integration Live

Before you click 'Start' make sure you have set the 'Import Orders from' to the initial date/time from which you want to import Orders. Any Orders before this date will not be imported.

Clicking the above 'Start' control will activate the automatic synchronization. This means Salesorder will begin and continue to periodically import 'unfulfilled' Sales Orders from your live shopping cart.

If you have any doubts, contact support@salesorder.com.

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