Customer references?

We understand you may need to speak to our existing customers to help you make a decision to implement Here's our policy...

Which customers can I talk to?

Those we select based upon willingness, availability, and where possible relevance.

However, over the years we've been doing arranging 'reference' calls we've formed a consensus that our customers don't want sell for us, they insist they'll only talk to prospects who have decided Salesorder is the solution.

When you have completed your technical evaluation, we can put you in touch with a multitude of USA customer's based upon relevance, and availability.

Please let us know at when you are ready and we'll do the necessary to connect you.

Who are our customers

Wholesalers, noone else. We're focused on becoming the market leader for wholesaler automation and analytics.

Where are our customers?

According to Dunn and Bradstreet, in 2022 the number of USA wholesalers was 823,441. For this reason the main focus of our sales and marketing activity is on the USA region. A significant majority of our customers are USA based.

We also have customers in Europe, and the UK.

How big are our customers?

We currently work with wholesalers of ALL sizes, from less than $500K annual revenues to $500M.

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