Stock Allocation

A controlled process for assigning stock to Sales Orders.

Stock Allocation - need to know

The purpose of stock allocation is to reserve or ring-fence stock for a Sales Order. Stock allocation decreases the balance of free stock. When you allocate stock you increase the on-hand balance by the amount of stock allocated.

Stock allocation is a mandatory step preceding the creation of a Shipment.

The configuration of the Sales Order determines whether or not, and how the stock is allocated. See Sales Order ⛭ config.

Allocation Indicators on Line Items

When saved the LIne Items on the Sales Order will display the allocation status per line item, or the invoiced status.

When in Edit mode the Line Items on the Sales Orders will display how much allocation can be done.

The Allocation column on the Line Item Table displays the amount of stock allocated versus the quantity ordered.

Allocation Indicators on the Sales Order List

You can determine which orders can be allocated in the list by using the action 'List Orders requiring allocation'. The list will display to what extent allocation is possible on each Sales Order, specifically (see above),

  • Cannot Allocate

  • Can Partially Allocate

  • Partially Allocated

Unallocating (deallocating) Stock

You can deallocate stock from a single or multiple Sales Orders.

Deallocate stock from a single Sales Order

Put the Sales Order in the 'Edit' state.

Either deallocate all Items using:

The Sales Order>Actions>Unallocate Stock


The Sales Order>Action Bar>Edit Allocation

In the respective line item column cell, adjust the allocated quantity.

Save the Sales Order.

Deallocate stock from multiple Sales Orders.

This action deallocates stock from selected Sales Orders.

Select the Sales Orders you wish to unallocate.

Sales>Sales Orders>Allocating>Unallocate Stock

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