Email templates

Email templates - need to know

Search Variables? Use Ctrl-F and the field name to quickly locate and review the syntax.
Email templates save time and standardize formal communications. You can create and use email templates for sending every document type.
See Setup>Email Templates> for a List of templates and their associated Documents.
The quickest way to learn how to create a template is to edit an example from the List.

Setup Email template

Create a new template for the associated Document
Setup>Email Templates>New Template and choose the Document type.
Template Name
Free text
Free Text
A variable i.e. ${company_from_email}
Reply To
A variable i.e. ${company_from_email}
Free text, including variables
Copy to
A variable i.e. ${company_from_email}
Plain text
Send as plain text, probably ‘Courier’

Mail merge parameters (variables)

Parameter name

Customers and Suppliers

Main contact title
Main contact first name
Main contact last name
Login ID for customer portal
Login password for customer portal
The account balance


Main contact first name
Main contact last name

Customer/Supplier Payment

The amount paid
The payment date
Invoice # and amount paid for each invoice

Documents (Sales Orders/Invoices/Bills etc)

Customer/Supplier title
Customer/Supplier full name
Customer/Supplier first name
Customer/Supplier last name
Due date
Issue date
Required data
Ref #

Customer Statement

Customer/Supplier title
Customer/Supplier first name
Customer/Supplier last name


Week of date

Company Info (available to all templates)

Company from email
Company name
Company legal name
Company address line 1
Company address line 2
Company address county
Company address town/city
Company address zip/post code
Company address state
Company address country
Company address fax
Company phone number
Company email
Company website
Company number

Personal (Logged in Worker) Info (available to all templates)

Logged in Worker email
Logged in Worker first name
Logged in Worker last name
Logged in job title
Logged in Worker office telephone
Logged in Worker mobile number
Logged in Worker office name
Logged in Worker team name
${@partnerRef} for ‘customer ref’ on docs
${@fieldname} - for any field on doc (found by looking at the source)