Live in 5

Start optimizing your operations in five easy to follow steps.

What is Live in 5?

Live in 5 is a series of self-paced courses, interactions with our team, and a simple-to-understand and follow launch sequence. You can see the Live in 5 curricula here.

What's so good about Live in 5?

Rapid evaluation

We appreciate your time is money. Finding and evaluating a new system most often takes considerable personal time and effort. We've made it easy and as fast as possible to get into our system and learn what you really need to know.

Immediate stress-free hands-on

Within minutes of starting your evaluation, you'll be navigating around and quickly learning how to perform familiar tasks. Tasks like managing customers, working with SKUs, creating and processing Sales and Purchase Orders, and sending and getting paid for Invoices.

Considerate and helpful experts

Throughout your time with us, and whether or not you decide to become our Customer, you'll have access on demand to experts who'll get to know you and your business. Our Solutions Team are expert in solving problems in wholesale operations.

Simple and battle-tested go-live process

We've worked with hundreds of wholesalers from startups to enterprises with revenues of hundreds of millions of dollars. Our five-step Launch Sequence is designed to be as understandable and straightforward as possible.

Missing pieces?

We built to be rapidly extended or customized. We're interested in any gap in functionality. We want to be a better fit for wholesalers than any other software. So you can rest assured if you justifiably need it, we'll add it in weeks.

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