Paragon (PAYA)

Paragon is a third-party payment processor to process Customer card or ACH payments via Salesorder or the TAP. This integration is enabled by a Plugin.

Paragon Plugin - need to know

About Paragon

Provides secure ACH and card payment processing in the app in:

  • Customer Payments screen

  • TAP Checkout basket screen

You can:

  • Pre-authorize and capture card payments

  • Securely store customer details for repeat use

  • Process ACH (e-check) payments

  • Set Paragon as the default payment processor on individual Customer masters

See below for instructions on how to enter customer card or ACH payment details and process payments.


If you would like to try processing dummy card and ACH transactions before applying and moving forward with Paragon, you can use our demo credentials'. See 'Demo credentials'

You can apply for a Paragon account here:

Paragon customer services will contact you.

As well as the commercial agreement Paragon will provide you with ‘Merchant Login ID’ and ‘Merchant Transaction Key’ information.

When you receive your account details from Paragon go to Setup>Plugins>Plugin Store and locate, register, and install the 'Paragon Credit Card Payment' plugin.

Click 'Configure' and check 'Enable', 'Enable Payment Only', and if required 'Enable payment with Pre-Auth.

Now navigate to Setup>Payment Processors, view the new Payment Processor (Paragon), click edit and check ‘Enabled’. Enter the ‘Merchant Login ID’ and ‘Merchant Transaction Key’ as provided by Paragon.

Paragon should have supplied you with two pairs of credentals, one for testing and another for live 'production. You should always test first.

If you are proceeding to live then make sure you check the 'Live' box on the Payment Processor record.

Demo credentials

To test out the user experience without a Paragon account use these credentials:

Merchant Login ID: TestUser_3cR2ypc8dS-API

Merchant Transaction key: 21D3KcRN2ygip6i2f6S7c8dqS

Dummy Card

Card number: 5499740000000057

Expiry: 08/22

CVV: 998

Dummy ACH

Account Number: 987654,

Check Number: 98765421

Transit Number: 111111118


You should always an integration before switching to Live.

To test your integration watch this video: Paragon ACH and Card Test


Check the Live checkbox on the Paragon Payment Processor record.

Default payment processor on individual Customer master?

Go to Customer>Profile> tab Payment Processor and select Paragon (or whatever you called it).

Configure TAP payments via Paragon

If you are using the TAP (Trade Acceleration Portal) you'll need to enable Card and ACH payments.

Go to Configuration for - TAPNAME>Basic configuration options for Customers>Configure>Taking Payments and check the appropriate boxes.

You need to be logged in as Salesorder system administrator to access the TAP configuration. The TAP configuration is accessible via the Gear icon on the TAP login page or in the footer bar when logged in.

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