Basys: low fees, VIP service

Basys is our preferred payment processor. It's baked into your system and lets you process card and ACH Payments via Salesorder or the TAP at the lowest possible fees.

Using Basys Payments

If you're looking for information on how to use Basys see Using Basys Payments.

Basys means better margins

Because we care about your margins, we've partnered with the best.

  • Lowest card and ACH fees.

  • Same-day payout for no extra charge.

  • 20+ years in business.

  • Approval in 5 days or less.

  • 24/7 customer support from a USA team.

  • Warm personal service.

  • Dedicated account manager.

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What does it do?

BASYS Is a payment processor that can:

  • authorize and capture payments.

  • securely store customer card details for recurring use.

  • process ACH payments.

  • be used in the TAP and on payment screens within Salesorder.

  • be used for cardholder present transactions (coming late Q2)

Please note, this solution only processes USD payments.

Basys ⛭

The user needs an API Security Key, this should be entered into the ‘Merchant Transaction Key’ Field. You will receive the private key from us via Basys.

When you receive your account details, go to Setup > Plugin Store and locate, register, and install the 'Basyspro Payment Processor' plugin. Click 'Configure' and check 'Enable', 'Enable Payment Only', and if required 'Enable payment with Pre-Auth.

You will receive credentials both for live and for testing. You should always test first.

Demo Credentials: Test Data.

Once you are happy to go live, go to Setup > Payment Processors > select Basyspro and check 'Live'.

Default payment processor on individual Customer master?

Go to Customer>Profile > Payment Processor and select Basyspro from the dropdown.

Configure TAP payments via Basys

If you are using the TAP (Trade Acceleration Portal) you'll need to enable Card and ACH payments.

Go to Configuration for - TAPNAME > Basic configuration options for Customers > Configure > Taking Payments and check the appropriate boxes.

See TAP Customer Configuration.

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