FedEx Manager Integration

Connect FedEx Manager to Salesorder to automate shipping processes.

The FedEx Shipping Manager plugin automates the process of exchanging Shipment data between your Salesorder system and FedEx Manager.




Shipments are created in Salesorder.


Integration automatically pulls the list of Shipments into FedEx Manager.


User prepares Items/Packages to be shipped, i.e. weigh shipment etc.


User generates a Tracking Number in Fedex Manager.


FedEx prints the shipping label.


Integration automatically updates the tracking number (or, the user may manually update at any time).


Salesorder receives and stores the tracking number on the Shipment.


User sets the Shipment Shipping status to 'Shipped', from the List or Shipment.

Getting Started

Upon installation of this plugin, you will be required to also install an application (see below) to link Salesorder and FedEx. This application downloads the Excel file to your local computer, and you can import it from there. It updates the Excel file every 10 minutes. Once it is downloaded on a local computer, the Excel file can be imported into the FedEx application.


This plugin is only available for Windows users.

  1. Before installing the Fedex Integration you must ensure that your local device is equipped with the correct Java application.

Use this link to download:


Setup > Plugin Store > FedEx Integration > Register and Install

  1. Install this application:

  1. A .zip file will appear in your downloads folder on your local device. Right-click and then select ‘Extract All…’

  1. This will open:

  1. Right-click on ‘Setup Application’ and ‘Run as Administrator’.

  1. This will open up the small application. Key in the following information:

    a) Enter your Salesorder account number (without the ‘SOA’ Prefix)

    b) Account key (To access the account key, go to Setup > Configuration > API, copy and paste here)

    c) Paste the local directory (see below)

  1. Click ‘Test Settings’. A .csv file will appear in the folder.

If the test is successful, you may ‘Install Service’. From now on, the integration will update every 10 minutes unless updated manually. (see how below).


This allows for the system to seek out the tracking information from the Fedex Shipping Manager. Enter the information as detailed below.

Configuration OptionNotes

Client ID

Provided by FedEx.

Client Secret

Provided by FedEx.

Shipping account number

Provided by FedEx.

Enable shipping process

If set, will create an Excel file for FedEx. If left unchecked will not write .csv file.

Enable customer notification

If set, will notify the customer when the tracking number is updated.

Multiple shipments per order

If set, will indicate when there are multiple shipments for an order.

Enable live mode

If set, live FedEx services will be used.

On Salesorder

Sales Orders and Shipments must have:

  1. Fedex set as the Shipping Carrier

  2. Customer Ref number

  3. Shipping status as ‘Not Shipped’.

To setup Shipping Carriers go to Setup > Configuration > Shipping Carriers > New > Key in ‘FedEx’ > Save.

Set Shipping Carrier on Documents Sales Orders: Go to the Shipping tab and set ‘Ship via’ dropdown to FedEx. The shipping carrier will be inherited by the Shipment. ‘Update Tracking Number’ Action.

By default, FedEx APIs are polled every 60 minutes to update tracking numbers on orders and shipments. However, you can use the button "Update FedEx Order Tracking Numbers" on the plugin configuration page to run the process immediately.

The action "Update Tracking Number" is also available on the Order and Shipment document to run the process immediately for the particular order or shipment.

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