Workers and Users

Workers model employees, contractors, sales agents. Each type of worker can be assigned a user login to the main app, TAP - Trade Acceleration Portal, or the barcode scanner interface.

Workers and Users - need to know

Workers are ‘trading partners’ or stakeholders in your business. Workers can be employees, contractors, or sales agents. Technically speaking any of these you pay money to are Suppliers.
You can store details and notes about the Worker. From the Worker Document you can create:
  • Expense Claims
  • Timesheets
  • Cash Purchases
  • Bills (Purchase Invoices)
  • Refunds
  • Credit Notes
You can make Payments to Workers, you can also view their Accounts Payable balance, and list their transaction history.

Users are ‘Workers’ with logins

You can set up your Users in the ‘Workers’ List on the Explorer:
As appropriate you can set up and give a Worker a user Login to your system. You can also set a user as the ‘Master Administrator’.

Enable Worker Login

Workers>Worker>Login details tab>Enable Login

Customizing Worker Functionality using Roles

See 'Roles'
Roles let you control who has access to what and what actions they can perform on what they can access. You can assign a system ‘Role’ to a Worker. Roles control the rights and permissions of the Worker Login.
To prevent security issues you should set up Roles before setting up user Logins
When you set up a User Login on a Worker, as well as setting a Role, you can assign a reporting Dashboard and enable access to view and send email from your system.

Connecting a Worker's email account

When you enable a User login for a Worker you can set permissions for them to access their work email account. You can add their email account to your system in
Setup>Configuration>Email>Mail Accounts.
See Email.

Workers are Owners of Documents

When a User creates a Document the system automatically assigns the respective user as the Document Owner. Every Document has an Owner field. Users can reassign the Owner of a Document.
To change the Ownership of a Document the appropriate User Role ‘Taking Ownership’ value must be set. See Owners.

Preserve a different Ownership on Documents

If you have a situation where your order entry team is capturing orders on behalf of your internal or external or independent sales reps, you may want to circumvent the normal sales document assign ownership behavior.
The normal behavior for document creation is for the user name to be set as the owner on the new document. To change this so the new document inherits the owner set on the Customer (where the rep owns the Customer) go and edit the Role set on the Order Entry worker.
Role>Ownership options>Preserve ownership of sales documents = Checked.

Import Workers

You can create individual Workers via the List or from the Explorer. You can import multiple Workers via Setup>Import Data>Workers. Download and populate the Import Template.

Workers, Reporting, and Permissions

The Worker Contact section has three fields:
  • Team
  • Department
  • Office
The values you store in these fields can be used to:
  • Filter reports - Look for the filter +Team/Office/Department when you customize a report.
  • Control access permissions on Roles - Look for 'Your Team' and 'Your Office' when you create/edit a role.