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Invoicing Per Warehouse/Site

If you ship from multiple Warehouses or Sites, you can create Invoices (or Cash Sales) per location.

This functionality only works if the Sales Invoice (or Cash Sale) is raised from the Sales Order List, not from the document.

Setup > Configuration > Sales Invoice

To enable this functionality, check 'Create Invoice Per Warehouse' and Save.

When this functionality is enabled, individual Sales Invoices will be created for each Warehouse/Site on the Sales Order.

The first invoice is created fro the first found Site/Warehouse on the line item table.

Non-Stock Items will be included in the first invoice.

While Kit Items can contain Non-Stock Items, these will not be divided on Sales Invoices and Cash Sales.


The following items are not compatible with this functionality:

  • Percentage

  • Subtotal

  • Group Items

Invoicing and insufficient stock levels


Over allocate stock

Do not allow document to be saved

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