Admin - Need to Know

From the Admin tab you can:

  • Enable Salesorder user’s access to the Warehouse management console.

  • Add Barcode users.

  • Configure Barcode user 'Permitted Workflows'.

  • View a list of registered barcode devices.

WMS Manager Users pane

This pane displays a list of Salesorder users. Salesorder users are Workers who can log into the main Salesorder app.

Add user access to the WMS Console

Checking the ‘Enabled Login’ checkbox gives the Salesorder user permission to access the warehouse management console. WMS Console users can add, configure and delete Barcode Scanner Users.

> Edit User access permissions


Pre-load data on startup

Immediate update of screens on console window activation.

Allow quantity editing on goods-out

Quantities on Line Items on Order Items pane display as undelined. Click on this to edit the quantity.

Show Picked Stock Location

Dispays an additional Location Column on Goods Out>Order Items pane.

Allow Stock Locations and Location/Item Mappings import/export

Expose upload and download actions on Locations>Locations pane Action bar. See 'Assign Items to Locations'.

Enabled Tabs

Configure which tabs the user can see and access. Master administrator will always see all of the tabs.

WMS Scan users pane

This pane displays a list of users who can log in via the Barcode reader app. You can add, configure and delete Barcode scanner users here.

>New Barcode Scanner User

When you log into the Barcode Scanner, select the First Name and Last Name values to Login.

Add the User details

Select the appropriate 'Permitted Workflows'.

See Config for Permitted Workflow information.

WMS Registered Devices pane

This pane displays Barcode devices that users have registered.

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