WMS Setup

Install and evaluate or setup the Warehouse Management System.


You cannot install the WMS if you have stock-related transactions in your system.

If you are evaluating and you have stock-related transactions then you can reset your system to delete them. See 'Reset your system'.

If your system is already in live operation you must contact support@salesorder.com. The transition to using the WMS is a considered task requiring specialist planning and knowledge.


If you're evaluating the WMS, save time by setting up enough Locations to support trying out your core workflows, for example:

  • Goods In

  • Goods Out

  • A small number of locations where you'll store or put away stock for a small selection of your Items.

Choosing Barcode Scanners

If you don't already have Barcode scanner hardware, find a supplier who will loan you hardware for evaluation.

Search Google for 'android barcode scanners'.

If you're in the USA, resellers like Barcodes Inc and Barcode Factory can answer your questions, and help you choose the right hardware.

If you're in the UK, resellers like Barcode Warehouse can answer your questions, and help you choose the right hardware.

Barcode scanner specification

Our Barcode scanner app is a Google Android application (.apk). You'll need a scanner running the latest version of the Android operating system.

Reputable manufacturers and models:

WMS setup steps

Do these steps in the order presented:

It's best practice to check and test every setting looks and works as expected before allowing users to start using the system.

Install the SOWMS plugin

Setup>Plugin Store>SOWMS plugin

Locate the SOWMS plugin in the Plugin store in Setup, install and register the Plugin.

Check if we have already installed the WMS plugin for you. Go to Setup>Plugins>Installed Plugins. Look for a Plugin 'SOWMS'.

As well as adding the WMS, the installation adds:

  • Stock manager list: to track stock instances Lots list Locations list.

  • Transfer warehouse: to track stock in transit between warehouses.

  • WMS Transfer customer: for intra company stock transfers

  • WMS Transfer supplier: for intra company stock transfers

  • WMS Customer for Returns - from a supplier credit (debit) note create a sales order on this special customer. From this sales order create a shipment to pick and ship the related items back to the supplier

…and removes

Stock Item>Stock tab>Current status and availability, therefore disabling functions to set stock value and quantity on Item master

Import Locations

Study Locations, use the Stock Locations import template located at:

SOWMS plugin>Configure

Decide # of warehouses. Create a list of Locations, their unique identifiers, and individual configurations i.e. Goods In - Receiving, 10-12-23 Quarantine.

If required, set Item mapping (fixed locations for SKUs). See Import Item Location Mappings.

Use a small sample of this data for evaluation of the core order to cash workflow.

Import Multi-packs

This step is optional.

Study Multi-packs, use the Stock Locations import template located at:

SOWMS plugin>Configure

Import Item Location mappings

This step is optional.

If you want to specify fixed locations for your Items, do this step.

Study Locations, use the Stock Location/Item Mappings import template located at:

SOWMS plugin>Configure

Review and configure 'WMS General Configuration'

Configure WMS behaviors and workflows.

Study Config.

Review and configure 'Packing Container/Box types'

Set up your box or container types to streamline the packing tasks.

Study Packing Container/Box types.

Add and configure 'WMS Manager users'

Your Workers with logins enabled in the main app can be configured to give them access to the WMS console.

Users can login to the WMS console from wms.salesorder.com

Study Admin.

Add and configure 'WMS Scan Users'

So your warehouse pickers can log in via the barcode scanners, you'll need to set up and configure them here.

Study WMS scan users.

Install Barcode scanner app (APK)

Your scanner(s) need to run the Android 8 or 9 operating system. You can download the barcode scanner app 'SOWMS.apk' from:

WMS console>WMS Registered Devices>Download Scan App




The Google Play Store (coming soon).

You must be running Android 9 to download the app from the Play Store

Register Barcode Scanners

When open the barcode app on your scanner you'll be presented with a 'Register' screen.

You'll need to enter:

  1. Your Salesorder main app account id, e.g. SOAxxxxxx

  2. Your Salesorder main app user id.

  3. Your Salesorder main app password.

Now choose a warehouse.

Now select a Scan User and login.

To setup Scan User on WMS > Admin > WMS Scan Users > New

The device will then be registered and the details will show up on the 'WMS registered devices' pane in the WMS console.

Install EasyPost plugin

This step is optional.

EasyPost connects your WMS to your small parcel carriers e.g. UPS, FEDEX.

See EasyPost.

Setup EasyPost

This step is optional.

See Easypost getting started guide.

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