Expense Claims

Expense Claims

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The Expense Claim lets Workers enter their expenses.

The Expense Claim Line Item table associates an Expense with a specific Job.

Expense Claim Fields



The name of the Worker.

Worker #

The unique ID assigned to this Worker.


This is the Worker that owns the Expense Claim.


Approval Status


The date of the expense claim.

Ref #

Unique reference number.


The Status of the Expense Claim

Authorized by

The Worker who authorized the Expense Claim.



The operating currency.

Exchange rate

The currency exchange rate.

A/C Memo

Stands for 'Account Memo'; provides a field for attaching a brief description that will appear in the Accounts.

Tax Code

Enter Tax Codes here.

Due Date

The date at which payment is due.

Submitting and Approving Expense Claims

The Role associated with a Worker has a section under the Permissions Tab called Approval Permissions. This determines if the Worker can approve submitted Expense Claims.

Expense Claims are only committed to the accounts when they have been approved.

If you are authorized to approve Expense Claims they are automatically approved when saved.

See Approvals.

When an Expense Claim is saved (either from a New or Edit state) the associated Approval Status can be set using the 'Approval' drop-down.

Note: Once an Expense Claim has been approved, its status cannot be changed.

Approving submitted Expense Claims

If you have permission to approve Expense Claims then you can use the Expense Claims List to determine which Expenses have been submitted for approval. Use 'Find' on the Action Bar to sort through Claims.

To accept or reject the Expense Claim, simply switch the Document into Edit mode and select the appropriate status from the 'Approval' drop-down.

Note: When the Expense Claim has been approved the 'Authorized by' field will show the approver's name.

Only approved Expense Claims post to the Accounts.

Mileage Expenses

Mileage Expenses can be defined using a special Mileage Expense, which specifies the distance units (Miles or Kilometers), and the associated rate.

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