Stock Assemblies


Stock Assemblies - need to know

Stock Assemblies are ‘built’ from a bill of materials (BOM). A BOM is a list of Items present in the system. The build action reduces the system’s stock level by the quantity of the respective constituent Items in the BOM to create the Assembly Item. The ‘break’ action reverses the build.

Build/Break Assemblies

If you are using the WMS (warehouse management system) you cannot build the Assemblies in the main app. You can build your assemblies in the WMS on the Kits/Assemblies Tab. See ‘WMS - Kits / Assemblies’.

If you’re not using the WMS, you can build or break Assemblies in the main app using:

Stock Assembly>Action>Build Assembly or Break Assembly.

You can also build Assemblies from: Product/Service> Stock List>Action>Build Assembly or Break Assembly.

When you set up a Stock Assembly you must include at least one Stock Item, otherwise, the system will prevent the build.

Include Sub-assemblies

To represent sub-assemblies, you can add Stock Assembly Items to the BOM of a Stock Assembly.

Include Non-stock, Service and Expense Items

You can use non-stock, service and expense Items to represent overheads, effort, and components you don’t stock (but buy-in) in the BOM.


There are two useful reports to analyze Stock Assemblies:#

  • Assembly Items - Show BOM Components

  • BOM Components - Show Assembly Items

Go to Reports>Standard Reports>Products/Services>

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