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Set and Add Item Attributes

To add new attributes, go to Products/Services > item Attributes, and select the plus icon from the Explorer or the top of the list. You will be prompted to enter a Name, Description and Value. You can edit attributes and add additional values by using the magnifying glass icon and putting it in edit mode, add, remove and update values using the actions.

To set an attribute on an Item, go to the Classifications tab and use the dropdown to select an attribute and value. Click save.

Search using Attributes

Once you have set an item with one or more attributes, you can search using attributes as a filter. Go to the Item List and click Advanced Search, scroll down to attributes, select using the dropdown and click Search.

Import an Attribute

Attributes that don’t exist in the system can be imported via the Import Items template. Go to Setup > Import Data > Import Items.

If you specify attributes on the import sheet that don’t exist in the system, they’ll automatically be created.

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