Classifications ⛭

Classifications need to know

Classifications give you a method to segment information. In the Reports and on Searches in the Lists there are Classification filters.
Classifications are used throughout the system, including on Transactions in the General Ledger.
If you are familiar with QuickBooks, Classifications are similar to Classes.

Manually add Classifications

Go to, Setup>Configuration>General>Classification Types

Import Classifications

Classifications can be imported via the Import Classificaions Types template.
Setup > Import Data > Classification Types

Set Classifications

On their respective Classifications tab, you can set up to three classifications (aka classes) on Documents, Transactions and Items.

Classification Types ⛭

The Classification Types Configuration Document lets you add/delete/view Classification Types.
To configure Classifications, from The Explorer click Setup > Configuration this displays the Configuration page. Then, in the General section, click 'Classification Types', to display the Classification Type Configuration Document.
The new Classification Type will now be available in the Class drop-down lists found under the 'Classification' tabs on various Documents.