The system enables you to print and keep a record of checks issued. You can issue and view a record of Checks for each of your Bank Accounts. See ‘Using Banking’.

The Check Document

The Check Document simply represents a physical check that you would issue to a Supplier. Within Check Documents can be used to keep a record of which checks have been issued, and can be printed on readily available check stock, such as QuickBooks Voucher Checks. keeps track of which checks have been printed and which are due to be printed.

Creating a new Check

In most cases, a Check can be created wherever there is a cash payment. So, for example, a payment to a Supplier, a Cash Purchase, a Customer Refund etc.
As an example the following steps show how a Check is created for a Supplier Payment:
Step 1: From the Supplier Payment Document, make sure the Payment Method is set to Check.
Step 2: Click 'Save'.
Creating a new Check form a Payment.
Step 3: With the Payment Document in View Mode from the 'Actions' drop-down menu click 'Write Check'. This results in a new Check being displayed.
Steps 4 & 5: Fill in the details such as Memo and whether you want the Check to be printed. The Check can either be printed now or later (along with other Checks, for example at the end of the month). The Check can now be saved.

Check Vouchers

We currently support QuickBooks Voucher Checks.

Issue Checks from

Checks issued from your Bank accounts can be recorded on:

Bank Accounts

Banking >Bank Account>Enter Purchases

Credit Card Bills

Credit Cards>Credit Card Account>Enter/Pay Bill

Supplier Payments

Supplier>Make Payment>Supplier Payment>Payment method tab>Payment Method

Cash Purchases

Supplier>Cash Purchase>Payment Method tab>Payment Method

Customer Refunds

Customer>Customer Refunds>Payment Method tab>Payment Method

List Checks

You can list and view Checks from:

Bank Accounts

Bank Account>Find>Checks

Checks List


Print Checks

You can print checks from the Checks List or the respective Bank Account. In both cases, you will be directed to the ‘Print Checks’ screen. Select the Checks you want to print and click ‘Print’.

Print Checks Screen

You can adjust the alignment. Use the Print Test Checks button to test the fit. To adjust alignment use the horizontal and vertical fields.
Make sure you enter the Check number.
You can sort the Print ‘Order by’:
  • Payee
  • Order Created
  • Date/Payee
  • Date/Order created