Time tracking by Worker. Used in conjunction with Jobs.

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Workers can enter and track their time which is accumulated on Jobs for reporting Job Profitability and Worker utilization.

Timesheet Fields


Timesheet for

The name of the Worker.

Week commencing

The date of the first Sunday in the associated week

Ref #

Unique refererence number

Availability (Hours)

The 'Availability' field represents the number of billable hours that can potentially be worked in the associated week.



The Owner of the Timesheet. The Owner can be re-assigned at any time.


The Approval status.

Authorized by

The Worker who authorized the Timesheet.

Entering and Editing

Creating a New Timesheet

By default, the Timesheet is created for the current week. You can also specify the week of the Timesheet if required.

Note: If a Timesheet has already been created for a particular week it will be retrieved rather than a new one created i.e. a Worker cannot create more than one Timesheet for the same week.

Adding Line Items

Once the Timesheet has been created, you can add Line Items in order to show what time has been booked for specific activities, on particular days. These activities are typically represented as 'Service Items'. Below is an example of a simple Timesheet.

Adding Line Items to a timesheet is very similar to adding Line Items to a Transactional Document, such as an Invoice. The only difference is that the Items are restricted to 'Service Items' since they have an associated hourly rate.

Holiday and Sickness can be added directly from the Item Select page by simply clicking the desired icon on the Action bar.

The 'Job' column allows Line Item bookings to be associated with a specified Job. This allows reports to be generated relating to Job utilization and profitability.

Specifying 'Availability'

The 'Availability' field represents the number of billable hours that can be potentially worked in the associated week. The default Availability is set in the associated Worker Document. This figure is used to calculate the Worker's effective utilization for reporting purposes. For example, a Worker may work a 35-hour week, but be only billable for 15 hours.

Submitting and Approving Timesheets

Timesheets need to be submitted for approval before being accepted.

The Role associated with a Worker has a section under the Permissions Tab called 'Approval Permissions'. This determines if a Worker can approve submitted Timesheets.

Note: If you are authorized to approve Timesheets then your own Timesheets are automatically approved when saved.

A Timesheet will be 'Submitted for approval when the Document is saved.

Note: Once a Timesheet has been approved its status cannot be changed.

Approving Submitted Timesheets

Workers with approval permissions can use the Timesheet List to determine which Timesheets have been submitted for approval.

To accept or reject a Timesheet, simply switch the Document into Edit mode and select the appropriate status from the 'Approval' drop-down.

Note: When the Timesheet has been approved the 'Authorized by' field will show the approver's name.

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