A bundle of Items that could be sold individually


Kits - need to know

Kits are Items grouped together in a ready-to-ship set. Items can be in a Kit but can also be sold separately. For example, a power lead for a computer could be sold as part of a Kit i.e. Laptop, mouse, power lead. Alternatively, your customer could just order a replacement power lead.

A Kit is an individual SKU. The components of the Kit are specified on a bill of materials for the respective Kit Item.

Item Code (Kit)Description

Dell A1234

i7 Intel 500Ghz 15” screen, Wireless Mouse, USA Power lead

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Item Code


Dell Laptop

i7 Intel 500Ghz 15” screen

Dell Mouse

Wireless Mouse

Power Lead 120V

USA Power lead

Kits are different from Assembly items

You have to build an Assembly Item for it to be in stock. The process of building an Assembly Item changes the stock levels.

When you build an Assembly Item, our system performs a stock adjustment. The component stock of the relevant Assembly is reduced and the number of built Assemblies increases.

The obvious implication is the component stock is no longer available for allocation to Sales Orders, and therefore cannot be sold individually if it is ‘built’ into the Assembly Item.

Kits are preset blueprints for ‘bundles’ of Items

When you add a Kit to a Sales Order the component Stock Items are allocated from Stock. Allocation reserves stock for each Sales Order. This action decreases ‘Free’ Stock and increases Stock ‘On Hand’ levels.

The physical stock in the Warehouse is only reduced when the Kit or other Stock Items on the Sales Order line item table are selected and a Sales Invoice or Cash Sale is created.

You cannot include a Kit within a Kit.

Working with Kits

Key things to know:

  1. When you create a Kit Item you have to populate the Bill of Materials (BOM) tab on the Item.

  2. On the BOM tab, there is a checkbox ‘Use unit price from Item’. Check this box if you want to override the sum of the unit prices on the BOM line items and default to the Unit price you set on the Sales Price on the Sales Tab.

  3. When you add a Kit to a Sales Order, the allocation mechanism will allocate the stock on the BOM to the Sales Order. See ‘Stock Allocation’.

  4. You can edit a Kit from the Line Item table on a Sales Order - use the ‘pencil’ icon. The Sales Order must be in Edit mode to do this.

  5. On the WMS manager Goods Out, when you select an Order containing a Kit the Order Items pane will display the Kit. Use the Kit + control to expand the view to show the Kit components. You can now select and pick the Kit components.

Sales Orders - view and edit Kit BOM

Kits can be composed of different types of Items i.e Stock, Non-Stock, Stock Assemblies but not Kits.

When a Kit is added to the line item table on a Sales Order there are controls in the Item Code column to:

  • View the bill of materials (components) of the Kit if the Sales Order has been saved.

  • View and edit the components of the Kit’s bill of materials if the Sales Order is in Edit mode. In Edit mode you can perform the following actions:

Action (on the modal window)Notes

Delete Line Item

This action deletes the Line Item and its associated row

Change ‘Qty’

This action changes the quantity of the selected component.

Change ‘Unit Price’

This action changes the Unit Price of the selected component for this specific order. The new unit price on the respective line Item will reflect the sum of balances in the table

Add Items

You can add Items to the bill of materials.

Partial Shipments

You can allow or disallow Kits to be partially shipped.

See Shipment ⛭

BOM Item automatic updates

You can configure Kits so as when the unit price or description of a component Item is modified on the respective Item master the commensurate details on the BOM item is updated.

See Kit ⛭

Purchasing Kits

Kits cannot be used on Purchase Documents: Kits are Items you sell.


Kits have dedicated reports: There are currently two reports. These are located in

Reports>Standard Reports>Products & Services.

  • 'BOM Components - Show Kit Items’ - shows a breakdown of bill of materials (BOM) by Kit. If all of the Items in the Kit have been allocated on a Sales Order then the ‘Qty on Hand shows the number of Kits on hand.

  • ‘Kit Items - Show BOM Components’ - shows Items used in Kits

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