Commission automation?

Managing and automating sales commisions and payouts

Commission plans vary widely across wholesalers. There is no one size fits all commission solution. Because our software for wholesalers is customizable we can add features to your system using plugins.

We have experience with adding commission automation to For example:

  • Independent Sales representatives (Reps) are added to your system as Workers. Workers are modeled in our software for wholesalers as suppliers. The Worker master can create and track purchase invoices (Bills) and supplier payments.

  • You can track and report Rep sales activity using the Sales by Worker reports in the Reports section of your system.

  • Calculate and display commission values on Sales Order documents. The plugin adds an editable table containing commission parameters to your system. Additional columns on the document display the commission percentage and the value.

  • Automation creates a purchase invoice on the worker (rep) to match the paid Sales Invoice.

  • Payments to reps can be initiated from the Bills list in your system.

Share your commission plan details with us.

To determine the functionality you need to manage and automate your commission we’ll need a detailed description with examples of your commission plan.

Make sure you include:

  • Is commission paid on invoiced revenue or paid cash?

  • Dimensions and metrics: If you award commission as a percentage of customer invoice or payment value, we need you to share the tiers and the percentage e.g up to $10,000 = 5%, over $10,000 = 7.5%.

  • If you award commission as a percentage related to discount level, e.g. No discount = 10% commission, 10% discount = 5% discount, 20% discount = 0%.

  • Any details related to promotions and their relationship to the commission paid.

  • Order types e.g. demo items for a showroom.

  • Items or Item Categories and commission payouts

  • Overage - basically if the rep adds their own margin to inflate the end-user prices. Explain the workings.

  • Rep/agency reporting requirements.

This list is not exhaustive. Please include any other details not mentioned here. Send the above data and other details to

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