Sales Quote

A.k.a. estimate

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You can attach and link documents, images, etc to this record. See Attachments and Links.

You can customize and add fields, see Customization.

Common actions

A common set of actions are present on most Salesorder Documents.

See Common Actions.

Need to know

A Sales Quote presents an offer to the Customer.

Once accepted you can create one or more Sales Orders containing all or selected line items. You can email the quote to the customer or present the quote in the Trade Acceleration Portal (TAP).

You can customize the Sales Quote using Customization and Document Templates.

'Convert' a Sales Quote

You can select multiple or individual line items and using actions create these Documents from a Sales Quote:

  • Sales Order

  • Sales Invoice

  • Cash Sales

  • Sales Opportunity

You can:

  • Create multiple Sales Orders from a Sales Quote.

  • Track Documents created from the Sales Quote on the Transactions tab.

Tracking Quote 'Status'

When you create subsequent Documents from a Sales Quote i.e. Sales Order(s), you can manually set the Quote 'Status' field to show the progress of the quote in your sales process.

The statuses are: Open, Submitted (to the Customer), Accepted (by the Customer), Rejected (by the Customer), On Hold, No Response.

Use a Custom field or a Memo and a Memo Type to enhance quote tracking. For example, create a Custom field with a dropdown list to add and manipulate your own statuses. Alternatively, specify a Memo type and track quote details using a Memo.

See Customization or Memo.

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