A rudimentary location for stock.

See also Invoicing Per Warehouse/Site

Need to know

If you're not using the Warehouse Management System (WMS), a Site is a rudimentary method to specify where the stock is located.

You can create multiple Sites with addresses.

If you're using the WMS, a Site is a warehouse with a WMS console.

To add a new Site:


You can Edit/Rename the Sites in your new system. Site>Edit

Site column on Documents

The Site column on Sales and Purchase Documents defaults to default Site. If you have more than one Site you can specify where the stock is going to be ordered and shipped from or received from a Purchase order or RMA.

Site field on new Stock Items

When you create a new Stock Item as well as other parameters, i.e. quantity, valuation, etc. You can specify the Site to which the initial balance of stock will be stored.

Stock transfer (no WMS)

From the 'Stock' node you can transfer stock between Sites.

Find and select the Stock Items you want to transfer.

Then Stock>Actions>New Stock Transfer

Enter the 'Transfer Quantity(s)'.

Enter the A/C memo for the Stock Adjustment, and the Date, and select the From and To parameters.

Then 'Save'.

The system will record a Stock Adjustment.

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