Delivery Notes (a.k.a Packing List)

a.k.a. Packing Note/Slip, Packing List etc.

See Delivery Notes ⛭

Because of the versatility of Salesorder, you can create Delivery Notes individually or in bulk from a number of places.

From the Delivery Note

Delivery Note>Print

From Delivery Notes

Individually or in bulk.

Select the Delivery Note(s).

Delivery Notes>Print

From the Shipment

Shipment>Print>Print Delivery Note

From Shipments

Individually or in bulk.

Select the Shipment(s).

Shipments>Print>Packing Slips/Delivery Notes

From the WMS

Individually or in bulk.

On the Goods Out pane select the Order(s).

Goods out pane>Print Packing Slips

On the Shipping pane select the Shipments.

Shipping pane>Print Packing Slips.

Delivery Note Email Template

Setup > Email Templates > Issue Delivery Note

Mail is sent when a new delivery note is issued. The email template can be configured. See Email Templates.

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