Owners - need to know

Owner and Worker are one and the same. Owners specify which Document is owned by which Worker. When a User creates a Document, they automatically own the respective Document. Every Document has an Owner.

Users are assigned Roles. Roles define the User’s access and permissions. Depending upon a User’s level of access to a Document, the User can change the Document Owner.

Taking Ownership

[From Any]

[From Team]

[From Office]

[From Not Owned]


Preserve ownership of Sales Documents

You might have a scenario where you want the owner of a Sales Document to persist. For example, you have a field sales rep and an order entry person. The order entry user creates orders on behalf of the rep. The system would normally set the owner of the order to the order entry user.

You can change this behavior so as the system, at the time of order entry sets the owner to the sales rep instead of the order entry user. In the Role you have created for the Order entry person:

1. Go to: Roles>Permissions>Ownership options

2. Check the ‘Preserve ownership of sales documents’ checkbox.

Report by Owner

Owners can be used to segment data in Reports. For example, if the Worker is an Agent or a Salesperson and you run the Sales by Worker report, you can select the relevant Worker(s) to track and measure their Sales.

Transfer ownership in bulk

You can transfer the entire or a selected set of Documents to another Owner.

Setup>Configuration>General>Bulk ownership transfer

  1. Select the From and To Workers.

  2. Select the Documents you want to transfer

  3. Click Transfer Ownership

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