General Journals

General Journals - need to know

You can create, memorize, import and copy journal entries.
Debits and credits can be applied to any GL account. To simplify trading partner transactions, you can debit and credit Customers (accounts receivable) and Suppliers (accounts payable).

General Journal Fields

Ref #
Auto-generated reference number.
A/C Memo
The status of the Journal Entry.
The effective date of the Journal Entry postings.
This is the Worker that owns the Document. By default, this is the name of the Worker that first created the Document. However, the Owner can be re-assigned at any time. The list of Owners is the current list of Woekers that have login permissions.
Currency of Values
The currency of the values you enter into the Credit/Debit columns. If the currency selected is not the base currency, the Exchange Rate field becomes editable and can be set accordingly.
Exchange Rate
The Exchange Rate of the specified currency. If the base currency has been selected this field is set to 1.00 and is non-editable. Otherwise, the field can be set to the appropriate Exchange Rate.

Create a General Journal entry

Accounting>General Journals>+
You can set the currency on a journal.
Select the GL account or trading partner.
You can record notes (on the Information tab)and set classifications in the journal.
Save the journal.
You can save the journal as ‘Pending’

Reverse a General Journal entry

Locate the General Journal and click ‘Reverse Entry’.

Memorize a General Journal

This function is useful if you want to set up a recurring journal. The system will automatically create and apply the journal based upon the parameters you set on the memorized transactions.
See ‘Using memorized transactions’

Import General Journals

Use this function to bulk import journal entries.

Copy a General Journal

Locate the General Journal and click ‘Create Copy’.