A payment gateway from VISA. Process and store customer cards for payments.

Need to know

Provides functions to pre-authorize payments, and subsequently take payment of authorized transactions.
Enables card details to be stored securely, so that it can be used with a single click the next time payment is made.
Can be used on customer payment pages in the:
  • Main app on Customer Payments
  • TAP account

If you dont have an account, you can apply for one here:
Link coming soon -


Do not put your setup in LIVE mode until you have tested using dummy card details supplied by
Go to: SETUP > Payment Processors > View (SIM) > Edit
Click Enable and/or Live and enter your Merchant API Login ID and Merchant Transaction Key.
Go to: ACCOUNTING > Currencies > View Currency > Edit > Select Default Payment Processor
Go to: Setup>Plugin Store> Credit Card Payment>Register, then Install.
Go to plugin configuration page:
Should be always on.
Live mode
Set this after you've tested using the dummy sandbox. will provide you with test/sandbox account details when you open your account.
Enable payment only
Often referred to as 'Capture'.
Enable payment with pre-auth
Often referred to as 'Authorization'.
The plugin adds two new buttons on 'Cash Sale' and 'Payments from Customers' lists.
‘List Authorized’ button shows you all the pre-authorized documents.
‘Pay Authorized’ button allows you to pay (process) them all in bulk.