Pre-Authorization/Pre-Payment with BASYS


Pre-Authorized Payments

Pre-authorization functionality allows you to obtain approval from a customer's financial institution for a specified amount, ensuring the availability of funds and verifying the validity of the card before finalizing the sale by taking payment.

You must be using the BASYS Payment Processor plugin to use the following.

Process a Pre-Authorize Payment

Upon installing the BASYS plugin, you will find the 'Authorize (BASYS)' action at the top of the page on every sales order.

  1. To authorize a payment, select this action.

  1. Upon selection, a dialogue box will prompt you to enter or use card details.

  • If you are entering a new card, ensure to select 'Authorize and Store', this will securely store this card for future transactions. See below:

  • Alternatively, you can choose a previously saved card by selecting the appropriate check box. See below:

  1. Upon successful authorization, this confirmation message will be displayed:

You can navigate to the Payment Method tab on the sales order to access detailed information about the authorized payment including the method and status.

  1. Add a new item, the total amount will update. Proceed to make the payment as usual. When you process the payment you will see this message:

  1. Click 'Void Authorized & Make Payment'.

  1. Click 'Finish'.

Review Transactions

To review the payment details, go to Setup > Registered Plugins > BASYS and click 'Processor Log'. Here you can access both the original authorization payment and the recent transaction.

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