How to begin your evaluation and get your system live.

The facts: All ERPs waste thousands of dollars before you can go live.

ERP software is 'general purpose'

Because ALL ERP software is general purpose, software vendors are ALWAYS been adapting their solutions to fit every industry they sell to. This results in layer upon layer of complex embellishments year after year.

On any ERP vendor website, check out the number of industries they serve. This number is directly proportional to the complexity of the software. The more industries, the more breadth of functionality, the more you end up paying.

"We deployed SAP, we're only using around 15% of the functionality"

ERP implementations are by nature expensive

Most ERPs like Netsuite are at least 20+ years old. To fit specific industry and customer needs each embellishment has configuration settings that can run into the hundreds**. You always need an expensive and knowledgeable consultant charging at least $1,100 per day to make the ERP work.

**Our solution has less than 30 configuration settings.

Because of the inherent complexity ERP implementation fees almost always run past the $20,000 mark. it will cost you $0.00 to implement

ERP training is hard and expensive

Embellishments complicate the user experience. This means very steep and long learning curves, which means expensive user training fees.

Finding and replacing workers with relevant ERP skills is challenging at best...

Our mission: Eliminate the Time, Effort, and $$$ Sacrifice to go live.

...You don't have to suffer this with our solution. Salesorder is specifically built for wholesalers. You'll immediately recognize who's it for, and what's it for. And you'll be relieved to know we do everything we can to remove the time, effort, and financial sacrifice in your journey from Evaluation to Launch.

You can do this yourself in 5 days or less for $0.00 (Case Study). Go to Live in 5.


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