Classifications for Searching and Reporting.


Need to know

Classifications support reporting and searching. You can create classifications, and add the to Trading Partners, Documents, and Items.

Classifications can be used in Accounting Reports.

Configure Classifications

See Classifications ⛭

Assigning Classifications

All Trading Partners, Documents, and Items have a Classifications Tab. Go to this tab on the respective entity to set the classification(s).

Searching by Classification Type

Use Classifications to filter List searches.

Inheritance of Classification Types

Classifications are inherited from Customers by Documents. Documents inherit Classifications from 'parent' Documents. You can edit and change Classifications on the inherited Document(s).

Filtering by Classification Type on Reports

You can filter by Classification Type on Reports. For example, if we wanted to view the Profit By Customer Summary report, and restrict the Customers to only the London region we could filter by the 'Customer - London' Classification Type (as shown below).

Assigning Classification Types to Line Items

You can apply Classification Types to Line Items. Reports that are Line Item based, for example, Profitability by Item Summary/Detail can be filtered by the Item's associated Classification Type.

You can assign a Classification Type to an Item from the Items Classification tab.

You can only assign a single Classification to an Item. For further and more appropriate segmentation. Items have another method to categorize and assign attributes to Items. See Categories and Attributes.

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