Get your Inventory List from QuickBooks

If you used the QuickBooks transformer to import your company file, here is how to export your inventory list from QuickBooks desktop and sort your barcodes.

Barcode confusion

Barcodes are confusing. There are many types, for good reasons.

See these articles (caution sleep-inducing articles ahead ;-)

Whatever standard you have used for your barcode values, you'll need to populate the Barcode field and only the Barcode field on the Item Master in Salesorder for Barcode scanning in the TAP to work.

Barcodes on QuickBooks Item inventory masters

At the time of writing, there is no explicit field for a Barcode value on the default or standard Item master in QuickBooks. If you know differently, please let us know at

You have barcodes on your Items?

If you have, then you'll probably have an Excel sheet with the cross-references between Item codes and the barcode labels you are using on your products.

Refer to this file and simply populate the Item import template with two values:

  • Item code ( column A) and...

  • corresponding barcode value (column E).

You'll find the 'Import Item' template here:

Setup> Import Data>Import Items.

You haven't used Barcodes before?

You'll need to create a report in QuickBooks to export your Inventory List.

  1. Log into QuickBooks

  2. Go to Reports>Inventory>Physical Inventory Worksheet

  3. You just need the list of Item codes, nothing else.

  4. Go to Customize Report.

  5. Remove all columns except 'Items'

  6. Export this report to Excel.

  7. From Salesorder download this template: Setup> Import Data>Import Items.

  8. Paste the Item list from the exported QuickBooks report into the 'Item Code' column (A)

  9. Now you need to make a decision about your barcode values. The simplest case is for your Barcode values to match your Item codes. If this works for you simply past the Item code values into the 'Stock' tab, 'Barcode' column E on the Import Items sheet.

  10. Import the sheet into your Sales order system.

The upload sheet only updates changes to the values in the sheet. That is it ONLY writes differences between what is already stored in Salesorder and what is recorded on the Import template.

You are done!

I haven't got any Barcode labels

To print your Barcode labels, you'll need a Barcode label type and a printer. Shopify (bless them!) has a free Barcode generator here.

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