Document Templates ⛭

Set up the screen and print views of your Documents.

Document template - need to know

The Document template editor is common to all Sales and Purchasing Documents.

You can configure the design of your Documents:

Document (i.e. Sales Order)>Configure>New Template

Or select from the default list of templates. You can adapt one of these or create your own design from scratch (see below). There are two options, configure a template or use a ‘Custom Print Style’ (see below) We can set up and design the Documents for you. Just contact

Set the Default Document Template

Document (i.e. Sales Order)>Configure>Edit>Default Document Template

Change the Document Template

Document (i.e. Sales Order)>Edit>Template (dropdown)

Print Styles, Header, Fields, Columns, Fields

Open and review these tabs to configure the Document structure and format.

Custom Print Style ( Caution geek stuff )

Any form of design is possible using the Custom Print Style.

Custom styles are specified in the XSL Formatting Objects standard. The purpose of XSL-FO is to provide a mechanism for formatting XML data for print, screen, and other output media. XSL-FO, also known simply as XSL, is a specification of the World Wide Web Consortium and is closely related to XSLT. However, whereas XSLT is most often used for transforming XML into HTML or other XML structures, XSL-FO is most often used for formatting XML for print.

Changing the Line Item Columns

On the 'Columns' tab, review the 'Printed' and 'On Screen' options and check/uncheck the relevant boxes.

Line Item Table Columns

This table shows you what columns are available on which Sales document.

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